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Auto Frame by Levin

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July 19, 2006

Autoframe by Levin®, Version 2.0 update has new mouldings, wholesale pricing, and discontinued products to select from.

January 24, 2005

Autoframe by Levin®, Version 2.0 is here. If you are currently using Version 1.5, please call for information on this new and exciting product, or how to upgrade.

Autoframe by Levin®, Version 2.0 has been designed to be more ‘user friendly’ and help you to increase your income producing opportunities. With Version 2.0, you will be able to show your image on the same screen with up to three framing options! Just think of how easy it will be for your customer to make a decision. Selling frames has never been easier.

Autoframe by Levin®, Version 2.0, has a magnifying function that will let you get a closed look at your image or any part of a frame/moulding. You can now be certain that your customer knows exactly how the composition of a frame really looks.

These are only a few of the new features of this program. Get more information today on .

August 1, 2004

Autoframe by Levin is here! Autoframe by Levin is turning out to be the most profitable tool that photographers have had in years. If you haven't called for your copy, do it now! Time is money. If you've received the demo copy and have been using it, don't forget to download the 1.5 upgrade, free from our website (levinframes.com). It has all of the new features that will allow you to start selling frames like never before!

Also, make sure to check our Autoframe section on this website. You are now able to download the entire 95 Panel Frame database! What a great addition to your frame sales. In addition, there is now a demonstration video that you can see at this site. Check it out today! You'll also find many tips & techniques that will enhance your experience with this software.

We appreciate the positive comments from all of our loyal photographers. Please send us your success stories and ideas to . We will be glad to share them with all of you.

This is a fantastic new product, that will change the way you present your portraits to your clients forever.


How would you like to show any frame or moulding that is available, without actually having them your studio? Imagine placing these frames around your portraits and selecting the correct one with your client. Here's how it works.

The Levin Company has produced the software that will make all this a reality. AUTOFRAME by Levin® will have all of the frames and mouldings from our catalog on a CD ROM, along with wholesale pricing. There will also be a variety of popular mats. You can place all of your specific studio and margin information in the software once and you're ready to go. Next, you would select your own 'gallery' of frames (ones that you sell frequently and are more comfortable using with your portraiture). Now just drag & drop the images you want onto the screen, then drag & drop the correct frames around them, and the program does the rest. It produces an invoice for your customer and a work order at the same time, which can be e-mailed to us for fulfillment. It will also allow you to print out a copy of the finished product, so that your client can approve the purchase. No more buyer's remorse.

You really have to see this software to believe it. The response has been overwhelming. Get your copy of AUTOFRAME by Levin® today and start your 45 day free trial period! Contact us at 800-345-4999 and ask for more details, or email us at .


November 29, 2004

Photographers are most likely to influence their customer's buying decision, during the initial presentation of the images. In many cases, it's the first time that their client has seen these pictures, since the joyous event.

Autoframe allows you to set up a slide show of the images, which will run at a variety of speeds (e.g. 1, 2, or 3, seconds..etc). Just go to the SHOW key above your images and click once. You will be able to get a good feeling for which images are their favorites and which show be passed over. In this way, you can focus in on framing various images for wall portraits and suggest gift products for the others.

As their feeling overtake them, your clients will want to buy everything. This tool helps you to organize their thoughts and produces the most revenue in a short session.

November 29, 2004

Many photographers have heard the mantra "I don't know how this is going to look in my home?" Now, Autoframe allows you to take an image of the rooms that will have framed wall portraits and use these images as a background to place the new purchases. Just add these images like you would your portraits, but place them in the BACKGROUND DATABASE, rather than the IMAGE DATABASE.

Imagine your customer's surprise, when your place a framed wall portrait on the 'virtual' wall in their den and project the entire image on your screen. Simply add your background image from the BACKGROUND DATABASE and click the PLACE ON WALL feature from the VIEW section on your PROJECT PANEL. There will never be a question about how this will look in the home. However, very often the client will realize that the size they have chosen is too small for the space provided. That will allow you the opportunity to create a larger framed image with a few clicks of the mouse.

Autoframe will automatically resize and re-price the new project and you can place the larger wall portrait on their 'virtual' wall. This could never happen, if you came to their home with a 16x20, and a 24x30 would have been a more appropriate size!

November 15, 2004

After downloading the Version 1.5 in to your computer, you will now be able to view a very important addition to the Autoframe program........the COMPARE feature.

Open your image gallery, so that the images appear on the right side of the screen. Press down on the CONTROL key, and click up to four images. As your click each one, a blue bar will appear around that image. When you are finished, go up to the SHOW key above the images and click the COMPARE feature. You will now have the four images on one screen for your client to view. Press Escape at any time to return to the main screen.

Many photographers have asked for a way to see more than one image on the screen at a time. The COMPARE feature allows you to help your client choose multiple images, and therefore, multiple frames.

November 15, 2004

Some photographers have asked if the Autoframe program can crop an image, after the frame has been chosen for a specific vertical or horizontal format? Absolutely!

Click on the IMAGE tab at the bottom of the screen. It is in the PROJECT PANEL group of blue boxes. Go to CROP..RATIO CROP/RESIZE..PORTRAIT. Identify the proper size desired on the drop down chart. Use your cursor to position the field. Double click and you will have the new image size, properly framed and priced!

The can save you hours of extra work and allow your client to see a new perspective of the same image instantly!

July 1, 2004

The Panel Frames are an excellent way to increase your transaction size, while getting some widespread free advertising. They are great gift ideas, that will be displayed and enjoyed.

The Panel Frame database will allow you to show any one of the 95 items we currently have in our catalog. The only difference between using this database and the frame database, is that the panels need to be chosen one at a time, from the panel database. They cannot be grouped into gallery.

The moulding that we use for our packages are as follows:

LM 700, LM 701, LM 702, LM 703B, LM 704, LM 705
LM 976, LM 1021, LM 1022, LM 1023, LM 1024, LM 1025
278G, 278S, 278B, 899

Any moulding that is not part of these items, will be priced according to the united inch of that product.

These should be grouped into a gallery (perhaps called PANEL MOULDING) and used when you show each panel. You can bring the mouldings that are grouped numerically by opening the MOULDING DATABASE. Then start by CLICKING on the first one, PRESS DOWN AND HOLD SHIFT, then going down to the last one and CLICK. Then add then to your gallery as usual.

As you show and complete each panel, you should save this project. Make sure to identify which panel # you have chosen in the project name. (e.g. Panel #209) Also, due to the way we price our panel packages, the prices identified in Autoframe are greater than the actual price we will charge. We suggest that you use the Panel section for presentation only, and price your panels from our catalog.

May 1, 2004

When you load in your Autoframe by Levin© software, go directly to the HELP section on the top-right of the page. As you review the contents sections, print them out, so as to create a "manual" for future reference.


September 1, 2004

Clay Blackmore, who is known throughout our industry as one of the premier wedding photographers in the world, has made a short video about Autoframe. In it, he describes how this product will change the way you present your images to your clients and how easy it is to include frames with each sale.
Click here to View

Approximate download times*
*Estimates may vary depending on internet traffic and/or congestion. The movie will begin to play when partially downloaded.
Connnection Speed | Time
33.3 kb | 49 mins -- 56.6 kb | 29 mins -- ISDN (128 kb) | 14 mins -- DSL (512 kb) | 58 seconds -- Cable (1.5 mb) | 1 minute

July 1, 2004

See the AUTOFRAME video demonstrating a sales presentation, which includes the following points;
1. Run the sideshow
2. Compare up to four images
3. Drag-and-drop the image of choice onto the screen, where it is immediately priced.
4. Selected the frame or molding of your choice from the Gallery, and drag n drop it onto the screen, where it also is immediately priced
5. Change the size from a 16X20 to 30X30
6. Crop the image while still in the frame, when you double-click the crop is complete and the price for the both the image and frame have been adjusted in real-time
7. View the full-screen framed image
8. Place framed image, in proportion, on the customers wall, in their home
9.View and print the invoice for the customer
10. Send The Levin Company the P.O., by E-mail or fax
Click here to View

Approximate download times*
*Estimates may vary depending on internet traffic and/or congestion. The movie will begin to play when partially downloaded.
Connnection Speed | Time
33.3 kb | 11 mins -- 56.6 kb | 6 mins -- ISDN (128 kb) | 3 mins -- DSL (512 kb) | 58 seconds -- Cable (1.5 mb) | 20 seconds

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